Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meri Meri Meri Christmas!

Do ya get my joke up there? Instead of Merry Merry Merry Christmas, I used my first name (Meri). Haha. LOL. ROFL. What does ROFL stand for anyway? Reddish Orange Flamingos Laughing?


CONTEST! CONTEST! Below, write what you want for Christmas! I along with a few friends will decide which one is the best. I'll then send you a ten dollar gift card for the place where you buy the gift. Example: Let's say it's a nook from Barnes and Noble. I'll send you a ten dollar gift card for Barnes and Noble. Got it? Get It? Good.

What do I want for Christmas? Here's my wishlist. Keep in mind, some of it is for my store! But the iPad and slipper chair are all mine!

You all should for sure check out It's Pottery Barn's teen store. It is amazing. Don't be fooled by the 'teen' name. It has adorable stuff for about 11 years and up. At my home and office, I have their desks. I love the tools to design your own lamps, desk area, etc. My customized lamp is just plain beautiful. I decorated it to match my homemade jewelry frame.

Okay. Venting Time. I have a terrible obsession. It's just plain awful. Cooking. I now officially have 27 cookbooks.3 Paula Deen, 4 Better Homes and Gardens, 2 Betty Crocker, and the rest are locally sold. Latest experiment? Crepes. Ultimately epic fail. The texture was the same texture of a fried egg. Ew. Who knew that you have to use a certain kind of oil in your crepes? In my defense, the recipe should have been more specific.

ATTENTION TENNIS PLAYERS!! I've played tennis forever! It's my second obsession. But there is one thing I can not seem to master. How to aim my serve better. I can get it to the general area I'm trying to get it to, but I feel like it should be more directed. Let's say I'm on the left side of the base line, and I need to serve it to the right side on the other side of the net. I can get it over there, but it goes to far, to short, or just not gracefully at all. Hints? Suggestions? Comment!

One more request... I, Merideth Violette Fieldsann Russell, am suffering from severe case of writer's block. I have no inspiration. Please post pictures or ideas of what you would like me to blog about next. IT would be highly appreciated!

Thanks for reading,
Happy Holidays!
Meri Violette

P.S. So sorry there are no pictures in this post. They wouldn't load, and when they did they were extremely blurry. 

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