Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Leslie Sansone!

Remember her? I didn't.
I was going through my mom's craft closet; looking for some ribbon to put on a gift. Right in front of the ribbon was one yellow DVD case. "Why does she have this exercise DVD?", I thought. "Burn 600 calories per workout?!? Goodness!" I took it into her living room, slid it into the DVD player, and grabbed the workout belt thingy that I found under the case. I was two miles into the workout when my mom walked in. "Honey, what are you doing?",she asked with her sweet little voice. "Working out! I found this in your closet!", I replied while doing kickbacks and sweating like crazy (I was wearing sweats and a long-sleeve t-shirt with the heat on).
My mom joined in on the workout.

When we finished, we went to her kitchen and grabbed some water. We decided to see how much weight we lost. I started out at 106, and I was 102.6! My goal is to get down to 100, so I don't have to worry about how much I eat at Christmas.

Holiday Eating Tip: Do double your workout the day before Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, wake up early or stay up late and do a workout. On Christmas, instead of napping in the afternoon, go run or do a workout.
Holiday Eating Tip 2: You can eat that good chocolate cake and turkey, just watch portion size. Instead of eating a whole slice of cake, split it with someone. Instead of sweet potatoes with marshmallows, just get sweet potatoes.

Hope this helps you when you need it most!
Meri V

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