Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New to Nutella.

I decided to do a quick post about something I mentioned in an earlier post. Nutella. I'm on a diet, and decided to eat super healthy. Everyday before work, I do a hour and fifteen minute Nike Training Club workout. For breakfast, toast (bagels, English muffins, french bread, etc.) with Nutella and a cup of fruit. Lunch: Usually a club sandwich, soup, turkey and avocado on wheat, or a hand-tossed salad. Dinner is my flexible meal. I just make sure it fits into my 1200 calorie diet. I have convinced the husband to go vegiterian. I went full out vegetarian in college, but I am not as strict now as I was then.

Any questions?
And yes, I consulted a doctor before I began my diet.

Love and best dishes (quoting Paula Deen),
Meri V

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