Monday, December 19, 2011

Braided Hippie Headbands

My niece told me this great idea! I love it! Just for teens and younger, though. Please no forty year olds wearing these, or I will take a picture and post it on Facebook!

So easy! Take 2 thin or thin/medium width ribbons. I used 2 polyester ribbons form Michael's. Tie at the top. Cross them over each other like you are braiding hair. You might want to use a piece of tape or tack to hold down the top while you braid.

If your ribbon isn't long enough to tie around your head, use an extra string or elastic and tie to the ends of the braid.
They are so cute! They reminded me and Marsha Rose, my niece, of hippies!

Here is my beautiful model, Marshall Roseann Berry.

Her sister, Fieldsann, is very mad that no pictures were posted of her. Her pictures are the Pop-Art (colored) ones. Yes, they are twins. No, they did not plan to wear the same shirt.

Meri V

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